Services and Rates

South Hound's "Bark and Ride" dog adventure taxi service is your dog's answer to socialization, interaction, exercise, and mental stimulation during the times you might be at your busiest. Your dog is picked up from your home, office, or even hotel between the hours of 9am and 11am and taken with up to 11 of their new best friends to a privately owned play space, tucked away in a beautiful natural setting surrounded by the farmlands of Olympia.

For the next 2 hours, dogs are given the freedom to explore trails and wag tails off leash under the supervision of a trained professional pack leader. Don't forget to pack some of your dog's favorite treats, as during their play we practice important doggy manners such as "sit", "wait/stay," and "come" using only positive reinforcement training techniques. We have access to fresh running water, so when it's time to leave everyone who needs a rinse can get freshened up before returning home. Towel dried and tired out, your dog is dropped back off between the hours of 1pm and 3pm, and can join the fun 5 days a week!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We are currently booked to capacity and unable to take new clients, but if you'd like to learn about our waitlist/standby list, please feel free to send us an email.

smiling happy black labrador dog surrounded by flowers outside

Let's shake paws

Meet and Greet!

Before any dog joins the pack, we schedule a FREE meet and greet with both you (the owner) and your dog to get to know each other and make sure they'll be happy and comfortable in our group. We welcome dogs of all sizes into the same play group, so in order to make sure nobody gets overwhelmed, we first come to your home or office for our initial evaluation. We'll go over your dog's history and any questions or concerns you may have, and then depending on our waitlist, we may have your dog join us within the week!

Requirements to Join the Pack

Vaccinations and Health

* Up to date Rabies

* Up to date DHLPPC (Lepto vx is strongly encouraged)

* Spayed or neutered by 8 months of age

*Comfortable with up to 2.5 hours of activity

We strongly encourage a flea and tick treatment, ask your vet for their suggestion of the brand right for you!

Temperament and History

*Must be friendly and comfortable with other dogs in a group setting

*Must demonstrate reliable recall: no flight risks, fence jumping, tendencies to ignore coming when called, or playing "keep away" when approached

*No aggression or bite history towards dogs of any age or people

*Must be comfortable loading into a car/kennel

*No excessive humping

*No food/resource guarding (we don't bring toys, but sticks are nature's chewies)

(While rare, we do reserve the right to turn away a dog if their behavior is too disruptive or risky)

Your Dog's Answer to The Average!

Picked up from your home or office, given hours of supervised play time with a small group of friends, and returned to you tongue-out tired. Let South Hound be your dog's favorite midday meeting.

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Is your dog tired of Zoom meetings?

running happy fluffy white dog playing in a field of tall grass

Let's do zoomies instead!

Client Portal

Buy Adventure Outing packages, update your pet's information, upload vaccination records, request schedule changes, and more!

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Package Rates

Your packages don't expire, but space per group IS limited!

Each credit acts as a single outing for an individual pup from your family (example: 10 credits = 10 outings for one pup)

Additional pet discount rates apply!

Please note that due to demand, requested days may not always be available.

Single Day

$ 30

$30 for a single dog's drop in adventure! $25 for an additional dog living in the same household.

5 Credit Package


$145 for 5 credits (1 credit per dog per outing)

10 Credit Package

$ 280

Treat your dog(s) to 10 adventure days! (1 credit per dog per outing)

15 Credit Package


$405 for 15 credits of adventure outings (1 credit per dog per outing)

20 Credit Package


Our best deal! $26 per adventure outing (1 credit per dog per outing)

Client Testimonials

large white dog standing on top of a tree stump

"Haley is amazing! I've had the privilege of having her take my dog on hikes with a group and having her spend 1 on 1 time with my dog in my home. She really understands dogs, their behaviors, breed traits, and is professional and prompt in her communication. We're very happy to have found them."

Marleigh N.

black and white photo of shepherd dog looking directly at camera

"I love South Hound! Haley is AMAZING- she makes a point of sending pictures of their hiking adventures, and my dog always returns happy and tired- there's nothing better than that! The convenience is one of the best parts, they pick up and drop off your dog. She has a love and passion for what they do and that's reflected in the great care each pet receives. I can't say enough about how wonderful South Hound is!"

Laurie h.

black lab and husky dog sitting in woods smiling

"South Hound is the best. They comes to your door to get your pooch and return them tired and happy. The service is prompt, courteous, reasonably priced, and most importantly ensures the health and safety of your pet. I recommend this service 100% and trust them completely with my "kids."

Nikki L.

Let South Hound Celebrate ALL of Your Pets:

Customized Pet Portraits

colorful painting of a black and tan german shepherd dog

Adventure hikes are the perfect present for your dog, let a portrait be the perfect gift for you or a loved one! Your pet's personality is a work of art, and I'm honored to help you celebrate them.

Available in a range of sizes and styles such as classic black and white or a unique, colorful mixed media, each portrait is handcrafted blending detailed vintage style realism with a familiar informal charm, best capturing each pet's unique and individual personality.

Click below to see more examples of what you could gift yourself or a loved one!

black and white drawing of a Boston Terrier
colorful painting of a white and brown dog
black and white drawing of a pug dog