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Live life unleashed.

Golden retriever, husky, and springer spaniel dogs in the woods playing with a stick
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Life unleashed

Does your dog crave a little "extra"?

With your busy work schedule, it can be hard to take your dog off the sidewalk and into the woods for that *extra* mental and physical enrichment that keeps dogs so healthy and happy. With our "Bark and Ride" taxi service, South Hound picks up your dog from your home, office, or hotel and transforms their daily potty break into an off-leash, outdoors adventure.

Your dog is chauffeured with up to 7 other canine cohorts to privately owned wooded farmland where they then spend up to 2 hours playing with friends, investigating the acres of trails in the trees or just taking in the sights under the supervision of a trained professional "camp counselor" before being dried off and returned back home. Not only do dogs get to benefit from activity and socializing, basic doggy manners such as recall, "sit", and "wait/stay" are positively reinforced throughout their play (so pack their favorite treats)!

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently booked to capacity and unable to take new clients, but if you'd like to learn about our waitlist/standby list, please feel free to send us an email.

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South Hound is open Monday through Friday, 8am to 6pm. We are closed on weekends and most holidays.

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Your FREE meet and greet is an interview that lets us get to know your dog, making sure they'll be a happy fit.

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to take new clients at this time!

black lab and husky dog sitting in the woods

We're also available to chat by phone, text, email, Instagram, and more!

Experience the Difference

Off leash exploration while building social skills benefits both you and your pup, more so than your typical leashed walk can offer. South Hound picks up your pup and returns them home for less than what you pay for a walk around the block, for twice the adventure time and excitement!

A group of smiling dogs: husky, spaniel, boxer, cattle dogs.

Why Outside Matters:

More Than Just Play

Just as physical activity is imperative for their wellbeing, mental stimulation keeps dogs happy and healthy. Simply sniffing and exploring new surroundings provides dogs with a workout for not only their body but mind as well!

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Builds Confidence

Studies have proven that the more positive exposure dogs get to novel stimuli and experiences, the more confident and secure they become in everyday life! Confident and stable dogs show less destructive and/or dangerous behaviors, are less fearful meeting new dogs and people, and have less anxiety than dogs who aren't exposed to new surroundings in a positive manner.

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Vitamin D

Your dog's extra time in the sun (and not just laying in the sunbeam of a window) gives the extra boost of vitamin D, vital for bone health and helps maintain the correct bone to phosphorus ratio in the body.

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Our Happy Team

South Hound is owner run and operated by Haley and her 2 "branch managers" Cashew and Heureux,. Haley has over 15 years of professional animal experience, ranging from working as a certified veterinary assistant, to wildlife rehabilitation, to co-owning and operating with her husband the largest pet care services provider in their former home town of Bellingham, Washington.

golden retriever with orange ball laying in tall green grass
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smiling golden retriever in flowers and grass
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