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Spaniel dog in the woods on an adventure with two other canine friends behind him

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Hours of Operation

Monday 8am-6pm

Tuesday 8am-6pm

Wednesday 8am-6pm

Thursday 8am-6pm

Friday 8am-6pm

Closed weekends and holidays, including Memorial Day, Labor Day, The week of Christmas, and New Years.

Service Area

South Hound provides pick up and drop offs within Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater (proper). We strive to keep our travel time short, so our service area is limited to within 15 miles of Downtown Olympia.

Not sure if you're in our zone? Call us to find out!

(360) 562-0858

golden retriever, husky, pitbull, and other dogs running through a field
three happy dogs playing outside on a stump in the woods
a happy dog with their head out of a car window going for a car ride
white fluffy dog playing in the woods